This TikTok Highlights the Magic of Having a Teacher Bestie

There’s no shortage of magic in the life of a teacher. The lightbulb moment when a child learns something new. The herculean sense of accomplishment in June and the buzzy excitement in August. But there’s one special magic only teachers will understand: the teacher bestie.

The teacher bestie can come from anywhere, but often they’re another teacher you come to know from working closely with them. But whether they’re across the hall or on the other side of the school, they’re someone who makes the journey of educating young minds a whole lot brighter.

What’s this teacher bestie magic about?

There are many things that set a teacher bestie apart from a traditional buddy or friend. First, there’s the shared understanding. This person—better than a spouse, partner, family, or friends—knows what you’re going through because they’re right there in the trenches with you.

Then, there’s the collaboration. Having a teacher bestie means you have a built-in brainstorm partner and someone to share resources with (or commiserate with when things don’t go according to plan).

But perhaps most importantly, there’s the unwavering support. Your teacher bestie is the first to celebrate your wins alongside you, and the first to offer a shoulder to lean on when things get difficult. They’re always in your corner.

Teacher TikToker @primarywithdaniela captured this magic oh-so sweetly in this video with her teacher bestie:

What we love about this teacher bestie TikTok

The entire TikTok from start to finish is adorable. But certain parts in particular really warmed our hearts:

  • The matching: Whether it happens on purpose or by accident, taking on the appearance of “twinning” is just plain fun. We love the teacher’s reaction when she realizes their outfits match.
  • Getting a peek at teaching in Australia: “Rock up.” DOTT. Their accents. We should definitely have more opportunities for teachers to spend a semester abroad.
  • The comfort level: Proofreading each other’s emails is an act of trust!
  • The weirdness. Case in point: the doorway dance. Being weird together is one of the many perks of finding a best friend at work.

What other teachers are saying:

Suffice it to say, teachers are loving this TikTok. Many weighed in to say they wanted a teacher bestie of their own:

Via TikTok
Via TikTok
Comment on TikTok about teacher bestie pair
Via TikTok

Others offered suggestions for leveling up their friendship:

Via TikTok

Some weighed in with the teacher BFF pairs they remember from their time in school as students:

Via TikTok

Clearly, @primarywithdaniela captured the magic of having a teacher bestie with this sweet TikTok. Many thanks to her for sharing! You can follow Daniela on TikTok—check out this hilarious one about things we end up Googling as teachers!

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