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April is National Poetry Month in the U.S., a celebration of poetry and its profound effect on our society and cultures. It’s an opportunity to instill in your students the importance of poetry — both on our understanding of the world and as a tool for social and emotional development.

If you teach literature, you know that students can often feel intimidated by poetry. So what better way to foster an appreciation for poetry than to engage students in fun poetry activities? These resources are an engaging addition to any poetry unit. From crafting original poems to playing poetry games, your students will experience poetry in an exciting and accessible way.

Poetry Activities for Elementary School

These poetry activities for elementary students are a great introduction to reading and writing poems for young learners.

Nursery Rhymes & Poems for Primary Students (Ink Friendly) by Teachers’ Keeper
Grades: PreK-1

Students will practice reading poetry with 40 different nursery rhymes and poems.

Poems about Weather and Seasons by The Literacy Dive
Grades: K-3

This product includes 9 original mini poems about weather and season which are great for helping young students learn about rhymes!

No Prep First Grade Poetry Writing by Nicole and Eliceo 
Grades: 1

Your first graders will learn how to write poems about a variety of fun topics. This packet includes a writing ideas chart, graphic organizers, writing templates with visual supports, and more.

Teaching Poetry with Shel Silverstein by Courtney Schermerhorn – Mommy is a Teacher
Grades: 2-6

This mini-unit on author Shel Silverstein will help your students think critically about poetry and introduce them to figurative language.

Poetry Activities for Middle School

Your middle school students will enjoy reading and writing different types of poems that connect to their lives and the world around them.

Acrostic Poem Lesson Bundle by Education is Lit
Not Grade Specific

Students can have fun creating poems about themselves, characters, research topics that students choose, and more in this acrostic poem bundle.

Common Core Aligned Poetry Resource Unit by Tanesha B Forman
Grades: 5-7

This unit can stand alone as a mini-unit or supplement your current poetry unit. Each poem includes an in-depth analysis of the poem that requires students to evaluate the speaker’s message and the author’s craft moves. Lessons combine the elements of close reading with poetry, literary analysis, and free verse writing.

Emily Dickinson “I’m Nobody” Poem – Poetry Analysis and Creative Writing by Just Add Students
Grades: 5-9

Students will practice their literary analysis skills by reading “I’m Nobody” by Emily Dickinson. Then, they’ll write their own “I’m Somebody” poems.

The Raven Poetry Escape Room by A Space to Create Art
6th – 9th Grade

Engage your students in a digital escape room based on “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Poetry Bell Ringers Volume 1 – Warm-Up Activities for National Poetry Month by Nouvelle ELA
Grades: 7-10

This set of 30 poetry bell ringers will help your students practice a wide range of poetry devices and help improve their poetry writing. Perfect during National Poetry Month (or beyond).

Poetry Activities for High School

These fun poetry activities for high school will get your students engaged in analyzing different types of poetry.

High School Poetry Unit, 4 Weeks, Analysis + Fun Supplements, PDF & Google Drive by Laura Randazzo
Grades: 8-11

This high school poetry unit includes four weeks of materials designed for high school and advanced middle school students.

Langston Hughes Poetry Activity by O Some Great Stuff for English Teachers
Grades: 9-12

Students will identify literary elements and analyze seven important poems by Langston Hughes.

The Man from Snowy River: Poetry Activity by Tea4Teacher
Grades: 9-12

This close reading activity for “The Man from Snowy River” helps students practice their textual analysis. It can be printed as a booklet or completed digitally.

Slam Poetry Close Reading Analysis Questions by Lindsay Ann Learning – Digital English Resources
Grades: 9-12

Build excitement for slam poetry in your classroom with comprehension, analysis, and response questions for 18 spoken word poems.

Poetry in Context Paper Assignment Sheet by ELA with Morgan
Grades: 10-12

This assignment will challenge your older students to strengthen their writing through research, workshopping, and literary analysis.

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This blog post, originally published in 2022, has been updated for 2024.

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