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There are three categories of science students; Those who are currently in love with Chemistry, those who are falling out of love and those who were never in love with Chemistry. Well, One man’s food is another man’s poison. 

Right from the days of school uniform until now, Chemistry has suffered so many students. But only few students make drastic attempt to Understand Chemistry.

If you have ever wondered how to understand chemistry then I am here for you today. I shall be preaching on the steps you should take to finally fall in love with Chemistry.

Before I proceed, it is important to first point out the possible reasons why many students have phobia for chemistry.

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Reasons People Hate Chemistry

  1. Chemistry is volatile.
  2. Bad chemistry teacher
  3. Balancing long equations.
  4. Big big organic structures.
  5. Calculations in Chemistry.
  6. Broad nature of the course.
  7. Funny names and symbols.
  8. The topics are so connected.
  9. Cramming the Periodic table.
  10. Poor academic background.

The ten reasons above are enough for you to hate chemistry. However, the good news is that you can still find a place in your heart to love the subject. The solution is older than the problem.

According to Oxford Dictionary, phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Phobia for Chemistry simply means the fear of Chemistry.

Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so also, love comes to those whose hearts are open.  Now, let us focus on the solution to your hatred for Chemistry.

How You Can Fall In Love With Chemistry

We started from the bottom, now we are here. The five steps below will help you fall in love with chemistry once more.

  1. Remove the speck in your eye
  2. Understand that Chemistry is volatile
  3. Don’t study chemistry in part
  4. Constant practice
  5. Have a mentor.

Continue reading for more details…

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Remove The Speck in Your Eye

Why do you look at “the speck of sawdust in Chemistry” and pay no attention to the “plank in your own eye”? The first step you must take to understand chemistry is to reset your mindset.

Some persons are like, “I will never like Chemistry”. This is a very wrong mindset. You need to open your heart.

The law of attraction states that, “you attract what you like”. What you desire all the time comes to you eventually.

You may be wondering, how should I remove the speck in my eye? It is very simple. Remove every negative mindset and attitude you have towards chemistry.

Have the mentality, “If Isaac of Flashlearners can be good at chemistry, then I can love chemistry too”. This confession may not make you automatically good at chemistry, but it will make it easier for you to love chemistry.

The reason you are good at your current best subject is because you loved it and always finds time to study it. The love may also be as a result of the person who taught or introduced you to the subject.

Similarly, regularly pick your chemistry text book or materials to study.

It is your heart that is currently preventing you from seeing the good in chemistry. Chemistry is friendly and lovely. Make sure you accept the proposal of chemistry today.

Understand That Chemistry Is Volatile

Chemistry is volatile; you need to be versatile. Chemistry is not difficult, just that it is one subject you can easily forget.

You can study a topic in chemistry today, understand it, then forget the next day. Because of this, many students tend to conclude that chemistry is very difficult to understand.

The more you study chemistry, the more you are used to it. The book you study all the time becomes part of you while the one you are scared of runs away from you gradually.

If you leave chemistry for one week, chemistry will leave you for one month. Don’t cheat on chemistry too much with other subjects. Chemistry is easily heart-broken.

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Don’t Study Chemistry In Part

Chemistry is one subject that seems to have connected topics. You will have issues when you jump from one topic to another in chemistry. You need to understand one topic first before rushing to other ones.

For example, you will need the knowledge of balancing equations both in physical  and organic chemistry. If you jumped how to balance equations, you may get frustrated when you need them.

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What am I trying to explain? It’s simple. To love chemistry, go back to your background.

Your background may be the reason why your back is on the ground.

Those who attended Queens college, Lumen Christi, St. Andrew’s and other good schools are likely to experience better teachings than those who went to Umukoro development high school. But that doesn’t make them better.

That you had poor background may not be your fault. The only way you will be guilty is when you refuse to restructure your foundation with this opportunity I am presenting to you. Pick a good chemistry text book today and start from the basics.

The fact that you are in the University doesn’t mean you cannot pick a secondary or primary school book to brush up your knowledge. Just try as much as possible not to be  half-baked.

Remember, the topic you run from will find a way to hunt you in the future. He who fights and run away will live to fight another day.

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Constant Chemistry Practice

Practice makes perfect. Back then in Biology, we were taught the law of use and disuse. The part of the body you use all the time becomes more active while the part you don’t use goes into extinction. This law also applies to your books.

The following steps of constant practice will increase your love for chemistry dramatically:

  • Practice chemistry in flashlearners exam hall
  • Study chemistry textbooks along with chemistry past questions.
  • Study one topic with different chemistry material or textbook
  • Make sure you study chemistry at least every three days.
  • Don’t skip any topic or question. If your textbook can’t provide clear answer, meet a friend who is good at chemistry or your teacher.
  • Make sure you ask questions in every chemistry class
  • You can have as many chemistry groups as possible.
  • Set questions for yourself and answer.
  • Have daily positive confession above chemistry.


If you do all the above and still don’t fall in love with chemistry after some time, then your village people are following you. Even if they are following you, the next step will help you fight them.

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Have A Chemistry Mentor.

Until you have a mentor, you will continue to face tormentors. Mentors are people who are doing the things you only do in your dream. They have achieved everything you have thought of.

The mentor you need right now is someone who is very good a chemistry. Meet a chemistry guru and look up to him.

Ask him how he became so good and what you can do to be like him or her. Take difficult questions to him/her to solve for you. If possible, study with your mentor.

Bonus: If you are a Christian, Pray to God for Wisdom and understanding. The grace of God will help you fall in love with chemistry easily.

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With the few steps above, chemistry will be at your fingertip. Let me know if you found this article on how to finally fall in love with chemistry helpful. Feel free to share with friends using the share buttons.

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