School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2024 Celebration Ideas

Thank goodness we have a School Bus Driver Appreciation Day! School bus drivers literally carry precious cargo to and from school each day. They brave early mornings, bad weather, and challenges from rowdy students to animals in the road, to get kids to and from school safely. Outside of the morning and afternoon routes, bus drivers take classes to and from field trips and sporting events. We’d be nowhere without them. Read on to learn more about School Bus Driver Appreciation Day and how to celebrate it in 2024.

What is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day?

In any school year, driving a school bus is a hard job. And right now, school bus drivers are a resource that we can’t take for granted. National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is one day to recognize and celebrate the hard work that bus drivers do each day.

When is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2024?

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day takes place April 23, 2024. The annual observance always takes place the fourth Tuesday in April. It was established in 1981 to celebrate this often underappreciated school role.

10 Ways to Celebrate School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2024

1. Write thank-you notes

Unity Elementary School via

A simple handwritten thank-you note goes a long way. Have students write notes of appreciation to their daily bus driver or a driver that has taken them on a field trip or to another event. Check out these printable thank-you notes for inspiration.

2. Recognize bus drivers on social media

Use the hashtag #ThankYouBusDrivers to highlight your team of bus drivers on April 23, 2024. Engage students in creating posts with photos, interviews, and student artwork celebrating your crew of bus drivers.

3. Organize a school bus driver breakfast

bus driver breakfast banner for a school bus driver appreciation day 2024 idea
School District of Lee County via YouTube

School bus drivers are some of the earliest risers. Surprise them with coffee and breakfast when they arrive on campus.

4. Gift a morning treat

gift tag shaped like a school bus for school bus driver appreciation day 2024
I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Put a gift card for coffee and breakfast or a store your bus driver loves, wrapped up with this adorable gift tag.

Get it: Bus Driver Appreciation Gift Tag

5. Have students craft appreciation

school bus craft made from paper plates for school bus driver appreciation day 2024
Glued to My Crafts

Ask each grade level to make a school bus driver appreciation craft, like this paper plate school bus. Then, decorate the school with school bus driver appreciation. Even better, decorate the drop-off line so drivers can feel the love as they pull up to school.

6. Pack a to-go treat

two school bus shaped gift bags for school bus driver appreciation day 2024
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Get these adorable treat boxes and stuff them with treats and snacks that will make a bus driver’s morning or afternoon.

Get it: School Bus Treat Box

7. Organize a school parade

Take advantage of the school parking lot with an appreciation parade and event for bus drivers. Have students present your school bus drivers with awards and speak about why they appreciate them.

8. Hang a banner

school bus driver banner, it takes a special person to drive a bus
Newport-Mesa USD via X

Create and display an appreciation banner outside your school so the entire community knows how important your school bus drivers are.

banner celebrating school bus drivers for school bus driver appreciation day
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9. Start a traveling trophy

trophy with school bus top

Use a plastic trophy or school mascot stuffy. Have each bus driver carry the trophy or mascot each week in April and May. When a bus has the trophy or mascot, students who ride that bus can give extra appreciation to their driver. (If you have many drivers, you may have to have multiple trophies or mascots.)

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10. Find the perfect gift

Find a gift that matches each bus driver’s personality, like this glitter retractable badge holder.

retractable badge holer that says they see me rollin they waitin

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Or a pair of silly socks.

socks that read trust me i'm a bus driver

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Or the necessary drink tumbler, with a bus driver theme.

school bus tumbler

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Plus, get even more gift ideas for school staff.

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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2024 is coming up! Here's how to celebrate the heroes who get students to and from school each day.

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