Psychology and Public Scholarship with Dr. Ken Carter

Dr. Ken Carter is a Psychology Professor and the Founding Director of Emory’s new Center for Public Scholarship and Engagement. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about bridging the gap between academic research and the public through new initiatives to help academics translate their work for general audiences. Ken shares his own path from aspiring to be a TV anchorman to becoming a clinical psychologist skilled at making complex concepts accessible.

The conversation then shifts to psychology to cover the “epidemic of loneliness” and lack of deep social connections in the social media age. Dr. Carter offers perspectives on AI’s potential impacts on mental health and therapy, as well as the importance of building resilience and normalizing failure discussions. He provides insights into navigating the modern media landscape as an expert voice.

Other highlights include lessons from the psychology of extreme sports/thrill-seeking and Dr. Carter’s philosophy of maintaining curiosity and awe. Key takeaways include using AI as a “brainstorming tool” while being wary of biases, interventions to combat loneliness like discussing life’s challenges openly, and the importance of trusting yourself just as extreme athletes learn to trust their bodies.

Whether you’re an academic, mental health professional, educator or just someone fascinated by psychology’s role in today’s technological era, this engaging episode offers plenty of valuable insights. Tune in for a guide to public scholarship and more from this unique expert.

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Episode References

Carter, K. (2019). Buzz!: Inside the Minds of Thrill-Seekers, Daredevils, and Adrenaline Junkies. Cambridge University Press.

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