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Physical education (also known as PE) is a vital part of a holistic education. In addition to helping promote physical fitness, PE can also support students’ mental health by reducing stress, and boosting their overall mood and self-esteem. With the temptation for kids (and adults) to always be on their mobile devices, it’s never been more important to get kids up and moving. The key, however, is to make sure that they’re having fun while developing these healthy habits. Keep reading to discover fun PE activities that teachers can use during gym class, recess, or throughout the day to keep students active.

PE Activities for Elementary School

These PE activities, designed specifically for elementary students, are great to incorporate into your regular gym class or into your day (especially if you have a group of particularly wiggly kids).

Set up fitness stations.

PE stations are an effective way to improve students’ cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, while keeping class engaged and lively. Each fitness station can be dedicated to a specific activity, exercise, or skill practice, and easily tailored to each students’ abilities. Students will spend a set amount of time at each station before rotating to the next one, allowing them to practice a variety of physical activities.

Fitness Circuit Station cards – 36 PE gym activities: Elementary & middle school by Prime Coaching Sport
Not Grade Specific

PE Fitness Stations: 44 Maximum Movement Zones by Cap’n Pete’s Power PE
Grades: PreK-9

Physical Education Stations – Fitness and Exercise Activities by Pink Oatmeal
Grades: PreK-4

Incorporate dancing.

Dancing is an excellent way to get students moving and grooving. Plus, it’s a surefire way to boost the overall mood of your class. So, crank up the music and let students dance freely, teach them a choreographed routine, or have them follow along to a video tutorial.

Freeze Dance and Creative Movement by The Bulletin Board Lady-Tracy King
Grade PreK-6

Brain Break – Freeze Dance by Lindsay Jervis
Grades: PreK-5

How to Teach Line Dances in Physical Education | Dance Steps Cheat Sheet for PE by The PE Specialist
Grades: K-8

Try new exercises with fitness bingo.

Playing a round or two of exercise bingo encourages students to try new activities and adds a little bit of exciting game play to fitness lessons. Have students complete a variety of exercises, and mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo card. The first person to complete a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally yells “Bingo!” to win the game. You can create your own cards or use one of the below.

Physical Activity Printable Mini-Book and Bingo Game | Exercise by Make Way For Tech
Grades: K-1

Exercise / Fitness Bingo Life Skills Special Education Activity by Tall Trees Special Education
Grades: 6-12

PE Activities and Ideas for Middle & High School

Encourage your high school students to have some fun while working on their physical health, with a variety of PE activities designed to keep them active, motivated, and excited about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Practice yoga for mental (and physical!) health.

PE class is the perfect time to introduce students to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Teach them basic yoga poses and breathing exercises to improve flexibility, balance, and mental focus. Incorporating a little bit of mindfulness into PE classes — or throughout the school day — can do wonders to help high schoolers manage stress and cope with anxiety.

Zen Zone Booklet: Meditation, Yoga, & Breathing Techniques for Students by The SuperHERO Teacher
Grade: 4-12

Organize some friendly sports competitions.

High school students often enjoy the more competitive elements of gym class. Playing sports provides an opportunity for them to showcase their skills while fostering teamwork and cooperation with their fellow classmates. Here are a few units that can help you teach about different sports — and organize some friendly competitions — during the year.

Volleyball PE Unit for Middle or High School by Mrs S’s Health and PE Resources
Grades: 6-12

Soccer Unit for Physical Education by Ms G’s Teaching Ideas
Grades: 7-12

Have students track their own fitness.

Empowering students to track their own fitness progress can be a valuable tool for fostering a sense of ownership and accountability over their health and well-being. By utilizing various methods such as fitness journals or simple tracking charts, students can develop the skills to manage their physical well-being throughout their lives.

Weekly Physical Activity Log PE Worksheet – Track Fitness & Health Habits by Sarah Casey PE
Grades: 5-9

Fitness Assessment Tests and Tracking Sheets for PE or Personal Fitness by Elliott’s Active Academy
Grades: 9-12

Inspire students to lead active and healthy lifestyles both inside and outside the classroom with more physical education and health resources on TPT.

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