30 Super Spring Activities for Preschoolers

The temperature is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and our little learners are filled with the energy of springtime! Here, we’ve gathered together 30 of our favorite spring activities for preschoolers to keep the learning going. From spring-themed art and craft projects to math, science, sensory, and literacy activities, you’ll find plenty of fun on this list!


1. Bee Sensory Bin

Easy to assemble, this sunny springtime sensory bin can encourage learning in so many ways. From practicing language development and honing fine motor skills to exploring math concepts, your kids will be engaged. Plus, the bin makes a great base for math or literacy manipulatives.

Get the tutorial: Super Easy Bee Sensory Bin at Fun-a-Day

A colorful caterpillar is made from a painted section of egg carton, googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.
Poofy Cheeks

2. Egg Carton Caterpillar

A perennial favorite, this egg carton repurpose is so much fun for preschoolers. Just add paint, glue on a couple of googly eyes, and add two pipe cleaner antennae, and your students have a new little best friend.

Get the tutorial: Egg Carton Caterpillars at Poofy Cheeks

A child uses a white carnation as a paintbrush to create a colorful painting
Play to Learn Preschool

3. Flower Painting

One of the easiest spring activities for preschoolers, and what a sensory treat! Students use trimmed carnations dipped into paint to create a spring masterpiece.

Get the tutorial: Painting With Flowers at Play to Learn Preschool

A collage of spring picture books as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
We Are Teachers

4. Read and Retell Spring Books

Spring is such a hopeful time! And there are so many spring activities using books to get your preschoolers excited for the season. Share some of our favorite stories with your students. Then give them the opportunity to retell them with a picture, a summary, or by acting it out for a friend.

Find books here: Picture Books to Welcome Spring

A young student sorts seeds into a labelled ice cube tray
How Wee Learn

5. Seed Activity

Nothing connects kids to gardening like hands-on activities. For this one, an ice cube tray is used as a collecting bin, with one vegetable seed in each labeled compartment. After learning about each seed/vegetable, students search for seeds in a bed of rice and sort them.

Get the tutorial: Sorting Seeds at How Wee Learn

A printout of a large flower with letters written in the center is flanked by a letter card with a picture of a bee and a lowercase t
ABC’s of Literacy

6. Spring Alphabet Game

Here is a fun way to help your students practice matching lowercase and uppercase letters. Just download the free worksheets and letter cards, then show your students how to make matches.

Get the free printable: Spring Letter Search at ABC’s of Literacy

Colorful butterflies made from coffee filters, paint and pipe cleaners as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
First Palette

7. Butterfly Craft

These cheerful butterflies will brighten up any classroom. They’re simple to make with coffee filters, watercolor markers, and a spray bottle of water. Top them off with pipe cleaner antennae and they’re ready to flutter.

Get the tutorial: Coffee Filter Butterflies at First Palette

A boy places a white carnation in a clear plastic cup filled with dyed water
Fun Learning for Kids
A pretty picture of colorful flowers made from play dough
Modern Preschool

9. Flower Play Dough

Download this free mat, have it laminated, and let your preschoolers loose to create colorful flowers with play dough. Then, try the math activity included in the tutorial.

Get the tutorial: Spring Flower Play Dough Mat at Modern Preschool

A preschooler uses a magnifying glass to closely examine parts of a flower as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
Gift of Curiosity

10. Flower Science Experiment

Inspire the budding scientists in your preschool with this flower-dissection experiment. Pulling a flower apart piece by piece, talk with your students about each one. Then give them one to attach to their collection card.

Get the tutorial: Dissecting a Flower at Gift of Curiosity

A bin filled with black beans and plastic insects
Stir the Wonder

11. Insect Sensory Bin

An insect sensory bin is a fun way to explore and learn about bugs. Add in exploratory tools like a magnifying glass and net and some of the extension activities in the blog below.

Get the tutorial: Insect Sensory Bin at Stir the Wonder

A child holds a flower made from tissue paper
Kid Friendly Things To Do

12. Spring Flowers

This classic craft not only produces beautiful bouquets, it helps preschoolers strengthen fine motor skills.

Get the tutorial: Tissue Paper Flowers Kid Friendly Things To Do

A construction paper flower with a letter written in each petal. On each letter is a mini plastic animal that starts with the same letter as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
Pre-K Pages

13. Beginning Sounds Activity

Matching words’ beginning sounds with letters is a primary skill preschoolers need to learn. This sweet activity, using mini erasers and a flower template, is a great way for your students to practice.

Get the tutorial: Spring Beginning Sounds Activity at Pre-K Pages

Colorful flowers made from cupcake liners
Laughing Kids Learn

14. Cupcake Liner Flowers

Make these cute, glittery flowers with some cupcake liners and a few other simple materials.

Learn more: Cupcake Paper Flowers at Laughing Kids Learn

A child pokes his finger into a cup with bubbling blue liquid
The Chirping Moms

15. Erupting Rainbows

Springtime showers bring rainbows and now you can create them in your classroom with your preschoolers. With simple ingredients and minimal preparation, this science experiment will bring big reactions from your preschoolers!

Get the tutorial: Rainbow Eruption at The Chirping Moms

A DIY bird feeder made from a toilet paper roll covered in bird seed as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
Little Bins for Little Hands

16. Cardboard Bird Feeder

Simple to make from biodegradable materials, and a special treat for all of your fine feathered friends.

Get the tutorial: DIY Birdfeeder at Little Bins for Little Hands

A colorful DIY bumblebee made from a paper plate
Arty Crafty Kids

17. Paper Plate Bee

This craft will have your preschoolers buzzing with glee! All it takes is a plain white paper plate, black and yellow paint, and a few accessories.

Get the tutorial: Paper Plate Bee at Arty Crafty Kids

Colorful birds are made from decorated paper plates folded in half with googly eyes and a feather wing attached
Easy Peasy and Fun

18. Paper Plate Birds

This adorable bird project is made from paper plates folded in half. Students can use their imagination and create the design of their choice with crayons, markers, glitter, and glue. Add on a feather and a set of googly eyes, and they’re ready to fly.

Get the tutorial: Paper Plate Birds at Easy Peasy and Fun

Rain clouds are created on paper with cotton balls and dripped paint as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
A Little Pinch of Perfect

19. Rain Cloud Activity

Kids create a pretty painting and learn about the effects of gravity at the same time.

Get the tutorial: Rain Cloud Gravity Painting at A Little Pinch of Perfect

A sweet butterfly craft with a body made from a toilet paper roll and wings made from handprints
Messy Little Monster

20. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Even the littlest artists in your class can create this sweet craft. Handprints in paint form the wings and a painted toilet paper roll forms the body. Pipe cleaner antennae top it all off.

Get the tutorial: Toilet Roll Handprint Butterflies at Messy Little Monster

A 3D model of the parts of a butterfly made from construction paper

21. 3D Butterfly Model

This step-by-step art project not only teaches your students the body parts of a butterfly, they end up with a cute craft to take home.

Get the tutorial: 3D Butterfly Model at STEAMsational

A checklist to use on a nature scavenger hunt listing items like tree, bird, cloud and more
Free Kids Crafts

22. Scavenger Hunt in Nature

Outdoor scavenger hunts make fantastic spring activities for preschoolers. Spring is the perfect time to take your students out in nature. Get this free printable worksheet and check off the items you find.

Get the tutorial: Nature Scavenger Hunt at Free Kids Crafts

Paper butterflies made from paint bubbles as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
Red Ted Art

23. Bubble Art Butterflies

Who knew blowing bubbles mixed with watercolor paint could create such beautiful wings for these adorable butterflies?

Get the tutorial: Bubble Art Butterflies at Red Ted Art

A rainbow is created from a paper towel colored with marker placed between two glasses of water

24. Paper Towel Rainbow

Your students will be amazed by this rainbow experiment. Start with a strip of paper towel colored on the ends with marker. Dip each end into a glass of water and watch the rainbow grow before your very eyes.

Get the tutorial: Grow a Rainbow at Mombrite

Colorful leaf rubbings on a sheet of paper
Preschool STEAM

25. Leaf-Rubbing Art

Give your preschoolers the opportunity to closely observe the structure of leaves with this hands-on nature project.

Get the tutorial: Textured Leaf Rubbings at Preschool STEAM

A preschool sensory bin filled with bird seed, birds, worms and eggs as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
Happy Toddler Playtime

26. Bird-Themed Sensory Bin

Designed to enchant and educate, this sensory bin features elements inspired by birds, incorporating feathers, nests, and figurine toys, offering children a tactile and visual exploration of avian life.

Get the tutorial: Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin at Happy Toddler Playtime

A preschool math worksheet shows flowers with petals made from pasta noodles
I Heart Crafty Things

27. Count Flower Petals

This math game will help your preschoolers practice counting and build fine motor skills at the same time. Plus, pasta noodles for flower petals? How fun!

Get the tutorial: Flower Dice Game at I Heart Crafty Things

Colorful caterpillars created from fingerprints dipped in paint
Fun Handprint Art

28. Count Caterpillars

Children instinctively count things using their fingers. If we add paint to this “equation,” kids can leave fingerprints as they count. The result is a super-fun project that combines art and math.

Get the tutorial: Fingerprint Counting at Fun Handprint Art

An abacus in the shape of a rainbow made from pipe cleaners and pony beads as an example of spring activities for preschoolers
123 Homeschool 4 Me

29. Colorful Math Tool

Create a handy counting tool with pipe cleaners and pony beads. Give it a spring theme by forming the strips into a rainbow with a white play dough cloud at either end.

Get the tutorial: Rainbow Abacus at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Bean seeds germinate inside a plastic zipper bag

30. Grow beans in a bag

Teach your kids biology (and patience) with this simple experiment that teaches the life cycle of a plant.

Get the tutorial: Seed Germination Experiment at Mombrite

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