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Addressing the needs of the whole child has always been a top priority for educators.  And while day-to-day life has generally returned to normal post-pandemic, much of the latest research shows that many students are still struggling with their mental health. In light of this, it’s never been more important to focus on supporting students’ mental wellbeing. Whether you’re an educator, administrator, or parent, here are some activities you can use to get started.

Activities to Support Students’ Wellbeing

Use these activities to connect students with the strategies they need to cope with and manage tough emotions.

For Elementary Students

Self-Care Handouts To Promote Mental Health And Wellness For Teachers, Kids, Etc by Counselor Chelsey
Not Grade Specific

Make it easy and simple for you to support the students, staff, and families at your school with ideas for how to practice self-care and establish healthy rhythms. They’re perfect to keep on hand or to send out to encourage wellness.

Positive Affirmations: Coloring Journal and Affirmation Cards

Positive Affirmations: Coloring Journal and Affirmation Cards by Allie Szczecinski with Miss Behavior
Not Grade Specific

Boost self-esteem in students with a positive mantra coloring journal and positive affirmation cards.

French Mental Health Check-In - Poster & Google Slides Template

French Mental Health Check-In – Poster & Google Slides Template by Parfaitement Parnell
Grades: K-10

Students can check-in about their mental health every day using this template.

Mindfulness Meditations: 10 Guided Meditations

Mindfulness Meditations – 10 Calm Classroom Guided Meditations to Promote Focus by Bright Futures Counseling
Grades: 1-6

Looking for a way to help your students practice mindfulness? Each of these guided meditations has a theme to help your students become more calm and focused, and are great to use with small groups, individuals, or the entire class.

Mental Health Coloring Pages: 8 Exciting Designs to Color

Mental Health Coloring Pages for Kids: 8 Exciting Designs for Fast Finishers by Glitter Meets Glue – Art Projects and Crafts
Grades: 1-6

These mental health coloring pages are great for school counselors looking for a hands-on activity for children during their sessions as well as teachers in need of social-emotional learning resources. They’re great for early finisher work, brain breaks, or as quiet time activities.

Woodlan Wellness Warriors

School Counseling Bundle: Resilience, Optimism, Gratitude & Wellness by WholeHearted School Counseling
Grades: 1-8

This bundle was created to help young people foster hope, optimism, resilience and strength-based practices into their lives.

Worry Workbook: Worry Activities & Journal for Anxiety Management by Counselor Keri
Grades: 2-5

Looking for a great worry coping skills tool for school counseling and the classroom? This printable worry workbook is perfect for your kids who worry! Help your students explore what worry is, how worry affects the brain, the physical experience of worry, and effective strategies for dealing with worry at school and at home.

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Regulation Activities for SEL – Digital by Mikey D Teach – SELebration Learning
Grades: 3-6

Help your students learn about and understand their emotions, how to self-regulate, and more! Talking about the different levels of our emotions can be difficult if students are not equipped with concepts about emotions and self-regulation strategies. This resource gives you the opportunity to talk about emotions with your kids. They will identify emotions within themselves, identify emotions within others, learn how to deal with their emotions, and make plans to self-regulate.

Daily Social Emotional Learning Journal Prompts for Coping Skill Development by Root and Sprout Learning
Grades: 3-8

This SEL bell ringer (or morning journal) resource helps improve student self-regulation and coping skills through 30 thought provoking journal prompts. Seamlessly blending ELA reading and writing with social emotional learning and mental health curriculum, students will begin to deepen their understanding of their resiliency, and how to strengthen their coping strategies.

Stress Management Bulletin Board | Rainbow Theme by College Counselor Studio
Grades: 4-7

Coping with stress can be challenging. With this bulletin board, you can provide healthy stress management tips and skills for students during finals, testing season, or the new year! Tips include reducing anxiety, anger management, and counselor support.

For Middle & High School Students

Mental Health Awareness Month Reading Comprehension Passages Activities SEL by Student Savvy
Grades: 5-9

These reading passages about the different topics of mental health awareness are a perfect way to bring social-emotional learning into your reading comprehension lessons.

Social Skills Lessons for Managing Emotions – Feelings, Coping Strategies & SEL by Pathway 2 Success
Grades: 5-10

Use these lessons to teach older kids how to manage their emotions, including understanding emotions, using self-control, dealing with anger, dealing with disappointments, how actions impact others, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with several activities for extended practice.

Wellbeing Diary / Journal with Habit Tracker

2024 Goal Setting SEL Well Being Mental Health Printable and Digital Journal by Teachers Resource Force
Grades 6-12

Use this well-being journal for yourself or issue to your students to help them reflect as well as set targets and track their progress toward building positive habits.

Social Emotional Learning Activities: 100+ Articles is a Must-Have for Teens! Mrs S’s Health and PE Resources
Grades: 6-12

This resource has over 100 true stories, great informational articles, and video links on relevant teen issues. Perfect for any secondary teacher!

Anxiety and Test Prep Brochures for Teens by The Counseling Teacher Brandy
Grades: 8-12

These brochures will help students find ways to calm down when they are feeling stressed or when they have an upcoming test. They will find tips for taking the test, preparing for the test, and healthy habits to relieve stress before a test — or at any time in the school year.

Find even more activities and ideas to support students’ wellbeing and social-emotional needs on TPT.

This post, originally published in 2021, has been updated for 2024.

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