Sophisticated & Elegant: Why Is Gifting Cufflinks A Great Idea

Men’s cufflinks are a classic male accessory that also makes a great and thoughtful gift.

Two fasteners and cufflinks traditionally secure the sleeves of the shirt together by linking cuffs together.

Typically associated with black and white tie outfits, cufflinks are having a comeback and can add a touch of elegance and distinction even to semi-formal, business, and casual attires.

Be it a wedding, business occasion, or a VIP event for fans of gambling and live betting in a Monaco casino, cufflinks would make a perfect fit.

In this blog, we’ll explain to you why cufflinks can be considered a universal male gift and how to choose the right ones. But let’s delve into the history of this accessory first.

The progenitors of modern cufflinks are considered to be gold or silver buttons, which appeared in Europe in the XVII century. Aristocrats started wearing them instead of laces, to tie up sleeves.

The lace was the basis of modern cufflinks. Over time this accessory gained popularity and evolved into a symbol of status and wealth. Today, cufflinks are a statement piece that can be worn with many outfits.

And since they come in different materials, cufflinks became an affordable accessory.

Recently, cufflinks are no longer a relic of the past, now – it is a stylish and youthful accessory, which is a must-have for a modern man.

Many people are interested in how to choose men’s cufflinks, because, as it turns out, it is not so simple: there are certain rules and regulations, only compliance with which can emphasize the individuality and impeccable taste of men.

If you are going to give a man such a precious gift, then, first of all, think about what he can wear such an accessory because it obliges him to a certain style of clothing. Traditionally cufflinks link double-layered French cuffs together.

Another option is to wear cufflinks with convertible Vienna cuffs which are more popular for casual and semi-formal outfits. The third option is a sports cuff, which has a hole for a cufflink and can be fastened with a button.

Usually, fans of such shirts are those men who do not plan to wear cufflinks with this shirt all the time. There are also many different types of cufflinks, but the most traditional are the standard ones that dress only the outside of the cuffs. Double-sided cufflinks and cufflinks with chain links tend to look dressier.


If you decide to pick up cufflinks for a tuxedo or evening suit, then here, first of all, it is important to know its color. Which attires does the man wear?

Traditionally shirts come in light colors. Metal cufflinks with light-colored dusting would be a great fit for a white shirt.

The same applies to cufflinks, which should harmonize with a watch or tie clip. The only thing you can play with in this situation is the texture of the material, which can vary from rough weaves to not cut, but only polished stones.

If you choose a cufflink for a business or office casual suit, you need to follow some basic The color of the metal should match the color of the wristwatch and clip. So, gold cufflinks match a gold watch, the same is relevant for silver cufflinks.

The rule of thumb is not to mix these metals.  You can give preference to colored models, they should mainly match the color of the tie, or shirt.


Cufflinks made of gold, silver, and platinum are perfect for formal events and emphasize the social status of the man. Some cufflinks look sophisticated business and formal but are decorated with stones or black pearls.

Such chic accessories, of course, obligate an expensive suit, shirt, and tie. If you want to gift cufflinks to a man who wears them with casual outfits, the cufflinks may be more simple. Basic classic cufflinks of round or oval shape with minimalist and graphic images look casual yet stylish.

Online you can find a huge number of brands that produce relatively affordable, but very high quality and interesting models of cufflinks, made in elegant and restrained forms of jewelry brass or inexpensive titanium. Silk cufflinks also don’t cost much but look interesting.

Shape And Design

Today, cufflinks come in various designs and shapes, not only oval and rectangular ones. If the man enjoys bringing a personal touch to all his outfits and likes creative outfits, he will like non-standard cufflinks.

There are cufflinks in the form of animals, car models, hearts, cell phones, or electric guitars.

However, before buying them, you should be sure that the man likes exhibiting his personality. Otherwise, classy cufflinks with a subtle minimalistic design are a perfect match for almost any look.

A good alternative to metal cufflinks is cufflinks made of leather or wood. An elegant black or green leather cufflink will add a suave finish to a white shirt and can cost less than 100 dollars.

Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized cufflinks make a thoughtful gift but don’t go well with some outfits. For example, cufflinks with the logo of the company in which a man works would be appropriate in the workplace, but not in the theater or on a date.

The same applies to men who want to pull off formal looks. But if your recipient is a passionate musician, he will like truly unique cufflinks with the name of his band.

When it comes to choosing cufflinks, you need to consider the recipient’s preferences and lifestyle. Cufflinks with a special message on them will make the gift timeless and special.

Choosing the perfect cufflinks for a gift isn’t hard. With a little effort, you will find a memorable and sophisticated male gift. And women can also wear them!

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