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One of the many advantages of homeschooling is the ability to customize and tailor the curriculum to your child’s interests, needs, and modes of learning. With millions of resources across multiple subjects and specialties, TPT makes it easy for you to do just that. Keep reading to learn how you can enhance your homeschooling curriculum with engaging resources and fresh ideas from experienced educators.

5 Ways to Use TPT Resources for Homeschooling

Using TPT resources for homeschooling can be a valuable tool for supplementing your curriculum — or building one. Here are ways you can leverage TPT resources to create or enhance an at-home learning plan and help your child flourish. 

1. Easy-to-use curriculum planning templates

When it comes to at-home learning, a long-term curriculum plan is a great way to set the roadmap for what you’ll be teaching in the coming quarter, trimester, or semester. Having a plan in place can help you get organized, figure out how to pace your lessons, and build a strong content library for the future courses and subjects that you plan to teach. If you’re new to homeschooling or have multiple children to plan a curriculum for, then TPT is a great place to find curriculum and lesson planning templates — especially for parents who are creating a DIY curriculum. 

Curriculum Map Template Pacing Guide Editable by Happy Hearts in 1st
Grades: K-2

Curriculum Map and Pacing Guide Templates | Editable by the Learning Effect
Grades: PreK-12

Curriculum Map Template {Middle & High School Humanities} by Mud and Ink Teaching
Grades: 6-12

2. Study skills templates

In addition to planning templates, TPT has all kinds of templates for student learning that work perfectly for a variety of homeschooling needs. Resources like note-taking templates, research templates, and graphic organizers can be used all year long and across many different subject areas. 

Fun Note Taking Templates | Research Graphic Organizers | Google Classroom™ by Ford’s Board 
Grades: 3-6

Note-Taking Skills Lesson, Templates/Graphic Organizers, & Rubric by Jenn Liu — Engaging to Empower
Grades: 8-12 

Video Note Taking Guide / TED Talk Worksheets for Any Subject by Write with a Point
Grades: 7-10

6 Graphic Organizers for Writing Informational Essays – PDF, PPT, & Google by Where The Wild Students Are
Grades: 4-12

3. Engaging thematic units

Kids learn best when they’re interested in a topic, and when you can let their natural curiosity guide their learning. This is why many homeschoolers will incorporate thematic units into their curriculum — they naturally lend themselves to the type of engaging learning activities that kids love to do. If you’re looking to incorporate more thematic units into your curriculum as a homeschooling parent, there are plenty of low-prep options available on TPT that have been created and used by educators. 

Ocean Animals Unit – Ocean Themed Math, Literacy, and Writing Activities by Spoonful of Learning
Grades: PreK-1

The Colors Curriculum | GOOGLE™ SLIDES READY | Distance Learning by Tara West – Little Minds at Work
Grades: PreK-1

Solar System: Space Unit for Grades 1-3! By Curriculum Castle
Grades: 1-3

4. Creative, hands-on STEM projects

Adding STEM projects and labs into your homeschool curriculum is a great opportunity to help your kids build critical thinking skills. TPT has all kinds of STEM activities to make it easy for you to plan lessons for these subjects. 

Spring Math STEM Project: Ratios and Percents | Printable & Google Digital by Leaf and STEM Learning
Grades: 6-7

Percent Project Create A Shop Calculating Discount, Tax, Commission by Math With Ms Yi
Grades: 6-7

5. Rigorous seasonal activities

If you’re looking to supplement your homeschool curriculum with special activities for the various seasons and holidays throughout the year, look no further. TPT has plenty of fun and rigorous options to engage students in their learning all year long.

Directed Drawing Booklets BUNDLE by The Moffat Girls
Grades: PreK-3

HALLOWEEN Algebra 1 Finding Slope from Two Points Math Coloring Activity by Algebra Accents
Grades: 7-10

Discover more resources to supplement or create your homeschooling curriculum on TPT.

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