Gratitude Activities for Students in Middle and High School

There are times during every school year when both students and teachers are in need of a fresh start. What better way to boost morale than to take time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your classroom? 

Not only is gratitude a way to promote a positive classroom environment, but it can also improve students’ mental health. Given the increased focus on students’ social-emotional wellbeing, gratitude is a worthwhile practice to incorporate into your lessons.

From thought-provoking discussion questions to creative prompts that go beyond asking students to write something they are grateful for, these activities will engage your older students in a meaningful gratitude practice. 

Gratitude Activities for Middle and High School

If you’re looking for resources for teaching gratitude in your classroom, check out these gratitude lessons for middle school and high school.

How to Write a Thank You Note Gratitude Project by The Littlest Teacher
Not Grade Specific

Create a culture of gratitude in your classroom by having students write thank you notes. Students will learn when and how to write formal and informal thank you notes and then apply their new skills with printable thank you cards.

Gratitude & Positivity Journal by Ursula Chan
Not Grade Specific

This journal has students begin and end the school day with gratitude and reflection, which can positively impact their daily lives — both in and beyond the classroom.

Focusing on Gratitude – Activity Pack by The Radical Maestra
Grades: 1-8

Students will reflect on what they are grateful for and explore ways to express their gratitude with these journal questions, discussion prompts, and a poetry writing activity.

Digital Gratitude Journal for Google Classroom and Slides SAMPLER by Learning with Miss LaGrow
Grades: 2-12

Have your students practice finding gratitude on any given day with the writing prompts included in this free digital gratitude journal resource that can be used with Google Slides and Google Classroom. 

Gratitude Journal by Mrk Resources
Grades: 4-9

This free 30-day journal will help students cultivate an attitude of gratitude all month long with daily prompts that will help them dig a little deeper into the things that bring them positive emotions.

Character Education – GRATITUDE mini lesson – Engaging! Middle & High School by School Counseling Essentials
Grades: 4-12

Add this low-prep resource to your character education lesson plan to help students reflect on gratitude with question prompts and a hands-on activity that will spark class discussion.

Gratitude Journal 30 Days of Thanksgiving Daily Writing SEL Activity by Just Add Students
Grades: 5-12

This resource explains the benefits of gratitude and includes 30 writing prompts that will have students reflect on quotes and practice thinking about their lives with feelings of gratitude.

100 Fall Conversation Starters for Middle and High School | Thankful & Gratitude by College Counselor Studio
Grades: 9-12

These fall-themed conversation cards are designed to get your students thinking about and sharing what they are thankful for with each other. 

Gratitude and Diversity & Inclusion Brochures for Middle or High School by The Counseling Teacher Brandy
Grades: 9-12

These gratitude activities for high school students explore ways to show gratitude and appreciate the differences in others through brochures, exit tickets, and more. 

Gratitude Speaking & Writing Activity for Spanish Class by The Spanglish Corner
Grades: 9-12

This free gratitude warm-up activity for English or Spanish learners has students reflect and share about the positive things around them. 

Explore more middle and high school gratitude activities on TPT. 

This blog post, originally published in 2022, has been updated for 2023.

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