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Back to school brings promises of fresh starts, refreshed classroom decor, and a new beginning with students. Not only is it a time to go over classroom rules and set expectations for student behavior, but it’s also an opportunity to start building relationships and fostering a positive classroom environment.

The first week of school is an important time to set the foundation for students to feel safe and comfortable with each other and with you. This may sound like a large responsibility to add to your already full plate, but it doesn’t have to be! Simply starting the year off with activities that give your students a chance to share about themselves and get to know their classmates will go a long way toward helping them feel comfortable in your classroom. 

18 Fun First Week of School Activities

These back-to-school activities will help you get to know your students and set the stage for a positive classroom environment — for the first day of school and beyond. 

Back-to-School Activities for Elementary School

Encourage your elementary students to share about themselves with icebreakers, all about me and getting to know you activities, and a fun escape room.

First Week Activities and Centers for Kindergarten by Keri Brown
Grades: PreK-K

This back-to-school resource will completely help organize your first week of kindergarten lesson plans with your kids. These activities are perfect for the first day of kindergarten as well as the rest of the week.

Kindergarten Speech & Language Screening Kit – No Print and Flip Book by Speech Therapy is Beautiful
Grade: K | Special Education, Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists can use this resource to elicit students’ knowledge of basic concepts, following directions, and more.

Ice Breaker for Back to School Getting to Know You Activity by K’s Classroom Kreations
Grades: K-2 | English Language Arts

Build community in your classroom with this twist on the all about me activity. Students will interview each other and learn their classmates’ names and favorite things.

Getting to Know You! {30 Icebreakers & Team Building Activities} by Christine Statzel
Grades: K-6 | Back to School

These 30 back-to-school activities will start the year off right by helping students feel confident and comfortable in your classroom.

Would You Rather for the Music Classroom – Great Icebreaker & First Day Activity by Music with Melody
Grades: 1-5 | Music

Use these Would You Rather cards during the first week of music class to get to know your students. Students will choose between two options, and you can extend the activity by having them explain their reasoning for their choice.

All About Me Pennant Banner Back to School Activities Getting to Know You by Kim Miller
Grades: 1st-6th | All Subjects

Students will love this all about me pennant banner about their favorite things. The finished projects are a great addition to your classroom bulletin board. 

Back to School Writing Prompts and Word Work Activities – Google Slides™ and PDF by Mrs Beattie’s Classroom
Grades: 2-4 | Writing
These no-prep writing and word work activities are great for the first week of school.

Back to School Ice Breakers – Get to Know You Questions – Writing Prompts by Kalena Baker – Teaching Made Practical
Grades: 2-5 | Writing

Here are 24 fun questions that you can use as first week of school activities with partners, small groups, or during your morning meetings. Build a positive classroom environment while having students practice speaking and listening.

3rd Grade Daily Grammar Practice ELA Spiral Review Morning Work Sentence Editing by Your Thrifty Co-Teacher
Grade: 3 | English Language Arts

Use these oral language sentence editing worksheets for daily bell ringers or morning work to help students master language skills through repetition all year long.

Back-to-School First Day Icebreaker & Beginning-of-Year ELA Writing Sample by Brenda Kovich
Grades: 3-4 | English Language Arts

Collect beginning of the school year writing samples with My Classmates and All About Me worksheets that help students get to know each other.

I Wish My Teacher Knew {Now Your Teacher Knows} by Sarah Plum
Grades: Any | Classroom Management

This free pack will help you build a safe classroom community by giving your students an opportunity to privately share anything they want you to know.

Spanish Meet the Teacher Template by First Generation Dreams
Grades: Any | All Subjects

Introduce yourself to your students and parents with this set of Meet the Teacher templates in Spanish.

Back-to-School Activities for Middle and High School

Build a positive classroom environment with creative icebreakers and getting to know you activities for middle school and high school students.

Me, My Identity, and I: A Student Journal by Caffeinate and Educate
Grades: 5-8 | English Language Arts

Start off the school year fostering community with this introduction to exploring self-identity journal resource.

40 Get to Know You Task Cards – Back to School – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by Mata Math and Science
Grades: 5-12 | All Subjects

Get to know your students during the first week of school with these 40 interesting question prompts that will get them talking.

Back to School: Interactive Flip Book To Plan a Successful Year by Literary Sherri
Grades: 6-8 | All Subjects

This ready-to-go flipbook has activities that will help you get to know your students and their interests during back to school.

Back to School Student Survey – Get To Know You Activity – Digital / Print by Addie Williams
Grades: 6-10 | English Language Arts

This student survey is a great getting to know you activity for middle school and high school students during the first week of school. Get familiar with students’ personalities and quickly assess their writing skills with these fun questions.  This resource is made for Google Apps™

Back to School Getting to Know You Activity by Room 213
Grades: 6-12 | English Language Arts

This activity contains creative getting to know you questions that will help your older students learn about each other while they make up some class rules. 

FREE Student Information Sheet for 1st day of school – “Get to know you” by Modern Mayberry
Grades: 7-12 | All Subjects

This free student information sheet is a good way to get to know your middle and high school students on the first day of school. 

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This blog, originally published in 2022, was updated for 2024.

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