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The end of the school year is just around the corner and summer vacation is in sight. Which means it’s also time to review what your students have been learning all year long. These review activities for elementary students and high school students — many of which are standards-aligned — can provide fun and engaging activities that can support elementary students and high school students as they prepare for the end of the year. Click the links below to scroll down to the section most relevant to you.

Review Activities for Elementary School Students 

With these resources, you can review materials with your students in a fun way that will get them excited about everything they’ve learned this year. 

For Math Review

Subtraction Word Problems within 5 and 10 worksheets by The Daily Alphabet 
Grades: K-1

This Math Common Core packet is a great resource to review subtraction story problems with students and get them comfortable with showing their work. 

State test prep 3rd grade math questions. Over 25pages of math questions aligned to the IAS state test and common core

State Testing Math Prep-3rd grade by Teaching and Testing with Jade 
Grade: 3

This resource includes over 25 pages of math questions that review multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, two-step problems, word problems, fractions, area and perimeter, graphs, and shapes.

32 multiple choice math tasks cards

3rd Grade Math Test Prep and Review Task Cards Self-Checking Critical Thinking by Rachel Lynette 
Grade: 3

Help students review a variety of math concepts with 32 math Common Core aligned task cards. Use at centers, with games or with the whole class for a fun math review activity. 

For English Language Arts Review

Second Grade ELA End of year Review Language Grammar and Writing Printables by Aloha Resources
Grades: 1-3

Are you looking to provide some extra practice or review second grade ELA? This resource is perfect for an end of the year review.

3rd Grade Reading Test Prep | Reading Review | Common Core Aligned by Two Sharp Pencils
Grades: 3-4

Prepare your third graders for standardized testing with our Race to Success Reading Test Prep! This comprehensive test prep resource includes fun race-themed mini-lessons, guided practice, and independent practice.

Parts of Speech Review by Elementary Lesson Plans – Classroom Confections
Grades: 4-6 

These activity cards can be used to review parts of speech. There are a variety of ways you can use these in your classroom — such as using them for morning work or doing one a day in the month before standardized testing.

ELA find the evidence reading passages

Identify and Show Evidence Reading Passages – ELA COMPLETE BUNDLE by Real Native Learning Resources 
Grades: 3-6

These Language Arts review packets include a total of 96 standards-aligned shorts stories to help students review setting, theme, author’s purpose and more.

Review Activities for High School Students 

Check for understanding with these language arts review packets and math resources. 

For English Language Arts Review

Reading and writing test prep bundle for secondary ELA

ELA Test Prep Bundle – Reading & Writing Skills Practice & Assessment Activities by Carla McLeod 
Grades: 9-12

Practice, assess, and improve the reading and writing skills of your high school and advanced middle school students with this language arts review packet. 

SAT reading and writing practice

SAT Practice Test-English (Reading and Writing) by Mo Don 
Grades: 9-12

Make sure students get all of the practice that they need with 95 pages of practice reading and writing prompts for high school students. 

High School Reading Comprehension Passages & Question STAAR Test Prep English I by Custom Classroom by Angela
Grades: 8-11

Reviewing for language arts end of year exams can be stressful and time-consuming. Save time with this self-grading reading comprehension passage resource.

For Math Review

Algebra 1 innovative questions for EOC Practice

Algebra 1 End of Year EOC Review Packet Test Prep with Innovative Questions by Joan Kessler 
Grades: 6-9 

Help your students review Algebra 1 with these carefully selected problems.

7th grade math review packet. Explanations, examples, and practice problems

7th Grade Math Review Packet – End of Year Math Test Prep – Summer Math by Math in the Middle
Grades: 7-8

Looking for a good way to review core 7th grade math concepts with your students? This math review packet covers some of the major topics taught in 7th grade math.

Algebra 1 end-of-year test practice questions

Algebra I EOC Test Standard Based Review Benchmark Spring Pretest STAAR by HIT THE STANDARDS 
Grades: 8-10

Use this resource as a benchmark, review packet, end-of-year homework, test prep problems, or even as a final exam as it covers most Algebra I standards. 

Exponential function auto grading Easel Assessment

Exponential Function: Domain and Range digital ( Auto-grading Easel Assessment) by tyJA Inspires
Grades: 8-11

Easily share this auto grading and self-checking Easel Assessment with your students to seamlessly practice finding the domain and range of exponential functions in graphs and equations. 

This blog post, originally published in 2022, has been updated for 2024.

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