EdTech and AI for Early Learning with Diana Hughes and Sunil Gunderia

Host Mike Palmer rounds out our coverage of the ASU+GSV Summit with two shorter conversations recorded in San Diego with Diana Hughes and Sunil Gunderia from Age of Learning, the company behind educational products like ABCmouse and the classroom offerings MyMathAcademy and MyReadingAcademy.

First we learn about Diana’s background designing empathetic video games and how that translates to creating engaging educational experiences. She provides insights into blending AI with human instruction, viewing AI as an augmentation tool rather than a replacement for teachers. We’re talking cyborgs, not robots.

Then we join Mike’s hallway chat with Sunil Gunderia, Age of Learning’s Chief Innovation Officer. Sunil reflects on trends from the AIR summit preceding ASU+GSV, like major school districts embracing AI to advance equitable learning. He shares how Age of Learning partners with companies like OpenAI to enhance content creation while centering efficacy.

The episode examines AI’s potential to personalize learning at scale and collect data to drive instruction. Both guests emphasize marrying technology with behavioral science principles to build learner identity alongside academic skills. As this transformative time unfolds, we’re urged to collaborate in ensuring AI helps all students flourish.

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