Crossing the Post-Secondary Canyon with Coleen Keating-Crawford and Elizabeth Booze from Teach for America

Mike Palmer speaks with Colleen Keating-Crawford and Elisabeth Booze from Teach for America’s Reinvention Lab about their study, “Crossing the Canyon: Ethnographic Findings About Life After High School.”

We explore youth perceptions of life after high school, discussing the pressure to attend four-year colleges and the growing skepticism about higher education. The conversation introduces a framework for understanding different types of support organizations can provide to youth, categorized as trail guides, transport helicopters, bridge builders, and mapmakers.

Key takeaways:

  1. Youth are critically examining institutions and seeking authenticity in their post-high school journeys.
  2. There’s a need for a more cohesive ecosystem of support for young people transitioning to adulthood.
  3. Organizations can use the presented framework to assess and improve their support for youth in local contexts.

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