Building Amazing Kids Learning Pods with Meredith Halpern-Ranzer

Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, Co-Founder and CEO of the kids’ podcasting company Tinkercast, joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about learning, podcasts, and how to reach children and their grown-ups with compelling educational content. We begin by hearing Meredith’s background creating educational media for children at places like Sesame Workshop and PBS Kids Sprout. After recognizing the decline of linear television, she teamed up with radio host Mindy Thomas and podcaster Guy Raz in 2017 to launch Tinkercast and its flagship science podcast Wow in the World.

The conversation covers the learning benefits of audio, especially regarding comprehension, engagement and creativity. Meredith explains how Tinkercast turns real scientific research into entertaining, sound-rich stories, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills. We discuss various Tinkercast shows like the game show Two Whats and a Wow and the music podcast Flip and Mosey’s Guide to How to Be an Earthling. Meredith also details their new classroom offering TinkerClass, a free project-based learning program for teachers that builds on audio-inspired questions and wonders. Don’t miss this deep dive into the power of listening to audio together as a rich and emerging learning context for the future.

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