Building a Podcast Network for Academics with Marshall Poe

In this episode, we hear from Marshall Poe, founder and editor of the New Books Network, a podcasting network unlocking expertise and expanding access to learning. As a former Russian historian, Marshall recognized the gap between what experts know and what the public understands. He saw podcasting as a way to bridge this divide.

The New Books Network started as an experiment in 2007 and has since grown into a vast network with over 150 podcasts and a thousand hosts. Marshall views the network as an academic institution, akin to a university press, focused solely on public education. He takes pride in covering esoteric topics and preserving the voices of experts for posterity.

Poe envisions the network becoming a Wikipedia-like resource, where listeners can find smart people discussing any topic of interest. He encourages embracing audio’s potential in higher education, with opportunities for AI-powered translation making expert knowledge more accessible.

Key takeaways:

  • The New Books Network offers a unique auditory bookstore experience, connecting experts with the public.
  • Marshall’s commitment to building this “cathedral” of knowledge showcases the enduring power of the spoken word.
  • Engaging with the cutting edge of disciplines is valuable, cautioning against oversimplification.

Don’t miss this chance to gain insights from Marshall’s unique perspective on leveraging the power of audio and podcasting to unlock expertise and expand access to learning.

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