Building a Mobile-First Platform for the Future of Learning with Joel Podolny

Recorded while at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, Joel Podolny, CEO and founder of Honor Education, joins host Mike Palmer to explore the importance of human connection in online learning environments. Joel shares his unique background, spanning from academic leadership in sociology and business management to roles at Apple University and Yale, and how these experiences have shaped his perspective on transformative learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Honor Education is focused on creating a platform that puts human connection at the center of online and digitally-enhanced learning experiences, fostering collective engagement and a sense of community among learners.
  • The platform’s mobile-first design, with features like social annotation and real-time instructor feedback, aims to recreate the dynamic interactions and connections typically found in physical classrooms, but in an asynchronous and accessible format.
  • As AI continues to evolve, Joel envisions leveraging the platform’s high-fidelity engagement data to provide personalized learning recommendations and support, addressing not just content comprehension but also fostering motivation and a sense of belonging for learners.

Joel emphasizes that while AI holds immense potential in education, the true driver of meaningful learning remains human connection. He encourages listeners to prioritize fostering authentic connections and collective engagement, regardless of the technological tools employed.

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