Bias, Noise, and AI in Ed with Tim Dasey

This episode of Trending in Ed explores the explosive growth of AI in classrooms and workplaces. Host Mike Palmer interviews Tim Dasey, author of Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker, about the implications of these rapid changes.

We discuss how AI can support novice learners, the potential risks and biases within AI systems, and the need for critical thinking skills to successfully interact with AI. Dasey emphasizes the importance of adapting our approach to education with AI as a ubiquitous tool, rethinking how we learn, consume information, and develop traditional skills. We pay our respects to the work of Daniel Kahneman and dig into the nuanced differences between noise, bias, and bullshit and what this means to educators, learners, and all of us.

Key Takeaways

  • AI presents unique opportunities to support new learners, but may have less impact on experts.
  • Remain aware of potential biases within AI systems. It may not be attributable to ill intent it may be systemic noise and error.
  • Critical thinking and judgment are crucial for working effectively with AI in the future.
  • The ways we learn, read, write, and consume information will continue to evolve alongside AI.
  • Adopt an open-minded and flexible approach to AI as these technologies constantly change.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Trending in Education and AI in Ed
  • 00:36 The Wisdom and Challenges of AI in Education
  • 02:08 AI’s Impact on the Workplace and Education
  • 05:15 Exploring AI’s Role in Creativity and Problem Solving
  • 15:49 The Complex Landscape of AI, Bias, and Human Judgment
  • 23:31 Future Perspectives on AI and Learning
  • 33:20 Concluding Thoughts on AI, Judgment, and Open-mindedness

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Episode References

Dasey, T. (2023). Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker. Rejuvenate Publishing.

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