An Eagle’s Eye View of AI, Stranded Brilliance, and the Future of Education with Dwayne Matthews

Mike Palmer explores the profound impact of AI on education and the urgency to rethink our approaches with Dwayne Matthews the Founder of TomorrowNow Learning Labs, who offers an “eagle’s eye” view of the converging technologies disrupting the learning landscape.

We dive into unlocking “stranded brilliance” – how we might leverage AI to democratize access to quality education globally. Dwayne compels us to plan for the “cognitive surplus” emerging from these innovations and strategize ways to harness it for societal good by rejecting the mental model of scarcity and instead embracing the potential of newfound abundance.

Key takeaways:

  • We must develop AI literacy and cultivate mindsets resilient to rapid technological shifts
  • Equitable redistribution of devices and connectivity can bridge digital divides
  • Shifting to an “abundance mindset” unlocks creative solutions for inclusive and disruptive economic models

Dwayne’s vision provokes us to collectively reimagine education beyond traditional constraints. We grapple with potential dark patterns inherent in advertising and social media while spotlighting beacons of hope. Don’t miss this future-focused dialogue – it’s a catalyst for shaping the positive transformations we want to see in future AI-powered learning ecosystems.

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