7 Hosting Tips To Generate Qualified Leads With Webinars

The Best Strategies To Generate Qualified Leads

If you want your webinar to be successful and generate qualified leads, you first need to know your audience and research their preferences and needs. You can create a persona map based on their demographics and psychographics and anticipate their potential frustrations and desired outcomes. To achieve that, you may provide your existing customers, email subscribers, and social media followers with a pre-webinar survey to get a sense of their interests. Phone calls are an even more personal and detailed approach to gathering insights regarding your audience’s needs. Additionally, you should utilize the feedback you’ve received about past webinars and other events and configure your new session accordingly. On your landing page, make sure you get all the necessary information you need so you can contact future clients even if they eventually do not attend your event.

Tips To Generate Qualified Leads With Webinars

Define Clear Goals

Staying updated regarding the latest trends and discussed topics in your field is crucial for your webinar to be successful. However, these trends must align with your company’s goals and serve both your objectives and your audience’s needs. So, if your goal is to generate qualified leads and increase sales, a live product or service demonstration is ideal. It pushes potential buyers further down the sales pipeline and helps you elevate your brand. On the other hand, if your goal is to educate audiences, an interactive presentation may be enough to raise awareness. Whatever you do, your content should provide active solutions to current issues.

Select A Relevant Topic

Your topic must be something your audience cares about, not what you think they should care about. Therefore, thorough research helps you analyze their struggles and create intriguing content. Understand their pain points and feel for them. Your webinar is a lighthouse that guides your participants through their issues and toward fixing them. Share similar stories and how others overcame them while making your content interactive. Answer their questions and make it evident why you are an expert who can be valuable to them. They should feel comfortable coming to you even after the webinar ends.

Keep Attendees Engaged

Engagement begins way before your webinar. However, focusing on the day of your event, you may want to start a few minutes early and have a warm conversation with participants before your official presentation starts. This allows you to set the tone and get to know everyone. During the webinar, check the questions in the live chat, answer as many as you can, insert polls, and live tweet as you go. When it comes to your presentation, utilize storytelling to captivate the audience. You must also use visual and interactive elements to grab their attention and enhance your message. For example, you may provide free downloadable resources.

Create A Sales Funnel

Getting people to simply sign up for your live event won’t necessarily generate qualified leads since many of the registrants might not attend. Therefore, you should send out thank-you emails after each registration, mentioning why this webinar is a wonderful resource. You may also direct people to your website and online store, providing them with a discount or exclusive offer. Also, you can provide links to valuable articles on your website to further build trustworthiness. Allow everyone to easily add the event to their calendar and send reminder emails. Also, you may send emails until the start date introducing yourself, your success stories, and your unique approach to modern issues.

Follow Up With The Leads

Keep in mind that a large chunk of audiences prefer to watch material on demand, which means that you should provide registrants with a replay link. Your follow-up emails must also include special offers to remind participants who are ready to purchase. You may include a free demo or service to show them your capabilities. Additionally, you can connect on social media with the audience members who were most engaged. You may suggest a one-on-one meeting and further promote your services by getting to know each person’s unique agenda and struggles.

Consider Automation

To generate qualified leads, many people have to work tirelessly to gather insights and contact the right people. However, a few processes can be automated. Instead of manually sending out emails, you can create templates for different occasions. For example, the moment someone visits your website or landing page and shows interest, an automated email can be sent to encourage them to register. As a result, people are pushed down the sales funnel without too much hassle. Moreover, you can pre-record your webinar so anyone, regardless of time zone, can attend and benefit from it.

Evaluate Interactions And Conversion Rates

Not everyone participates equally during your webinar, and based on their level of interest, you may use different promotion techniques. For example, someone who has participated in multiple of your events is more likely to make a purchase, and, therefore, you may provide more intriguing offers to them. You can also send personalized emails to those who share various questions during the live event. Provide them with sources on your website to build trust and show them that you have the answer. Lastly, you need to evaluate the conversion rates of each webinar, see which formats and topics generated more leads, and invest further in them.


Attracting a large number of registrations is not what you should be focusing on. Instead, converting leads into customers must be your focal point. That’s why you need to personalize your emails to make every participant feel unique and important to your company. Engaging with your audience helps you build personal relationships, understand what each individual needs, and determine how you can assist them. Receiving timely feedback helps you improve your methods, reach an even larger audience, and direct them further down your sales funnel.

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