5 eLearning Writing Springboards For Your Next Guest Article

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How do you get students motivated in online learning environments? What are the most common eLearning localization mistakes to avoid? How can gamification allow you to transform your corporate training strategy? This list of eLearning writing inspirations can help you create a compelling eLI guest post that’s based on trending topics.

5 eLearning Writing Topics To Cover In Your eLI Article

1. eLearning Localization Pitfalls

Localizing content extends into various aspects of the eLearning development process, from incorporating cultural nuances to choosing appropriate images for your audience. What are some of the most common mistakes designers should avoid in order to engage learners and boost knowledge retention? What are the risks involved if they don’t steer clear of the pitfalls?

2. Gamified Corporate Training

Badges, levels, and leaderboards are just a few ways you can incentivize training programs and encourage active participation. Your article can offer tips to successfully implement gamification in corporate eLearning, as well as some unconventional rewards that organizations should think about leveraging.

3. Employee Onboarding Software Selection

Choosing the best onboarding tool doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming, especially if HR pros use your insider tips to select the right software for their new hires. You can also cover tie-in topics, such as pointers to vet vendors or a step-by-step guide to conduct a tech stack evaluation to identify gaps beforehand.

4. Learning Technologists

What does the learning technologist role entail, and what part do they play in L&D teams? What talents should they cultivate? Are there misconceptions or myths surrounding this eLearning career path?

5. Learner Motivation Roadblocks

What prevents learners from diving into activities and immersing themselves in the subject matter? How can Instructional Designers and educators motivate students in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and long-term retention?

Wrapping Up

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