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Starting in January and continuing through February, teachers and students reach an important milestone: the hundredth day of school. There are countless ways to celebrate the 100th day, from dressing up to reflecting on your class’s accomplishments. But celebrating 100 days can also be an opportunity to build your students’ language arts and math skills. Here are 14 educational 100th day of school activities you can incorporate into your lesson plans.

5 Creative 100th Day of School Language Arts Activities

Milestones and celebrations are great opportunities to let students’ creativity shine. Encourage your students to express themselves through these writing and language arts activities. 

The 100 Poem: Interactive Poem for 100th Day of School by Yukari Naka

Grades: PreK-1

100th Day of School Language Arts Writing Activity

100th Day of School Writing Activity by Happy Edugator

Grades: K-3

Fun and bright 100 days of school language arts activity for print and digital

100th Day of School Activities Writing Math 3rd 4th Grade Bulletin Word Search by The Little Ladybug Shop

Grades: 2-4

100th Day of School Nonfiction Reading Passage with Questions & Writing Prompts by The Literacy Dive 

Grades: 3-5

Escape room language arts activity for the hundredth day of school

100th Day of School ELA Escape Room by Language Arts Excellence

Grades: 7-12

5 Engaging 100th Day of School Math Activities

The 100th day of school and mathematics go hand-in-hand. After all, someone had to count and calculate when to celebrate this milestone at your school! Get your class excited about being 100 days smarter with these fun math activities.

Colorful 100 days of school addition and subtraction print and digital worksheets

100th Day of School Addition & Subtraction Printable Worksheet as ABCD

Grades: 1-3

100 days of school counting money math task cards - what makes 100 cents?

Counting Money Math Games 100th Day of School 2nd Grade Review Activities Center by Promoting Success

Grades: 2-3

3 100th Day of school division mystery pictures shown against light gray background

Google Classroom Long Division 100th Day of School Math Digital Mystery Pictures by Printables and Worksheets

Grades: 3-7

"choice board - 100th day of school - digital google slides activity" with green resource cover showing activity on laptop

100th Day of School Digital Choice Board | Middle School | Distance Learning by The Teaching Files

Grades: 5-8

100th day of school virtual activities for fun with mathematics

100th Day of School 8th Grade Math Goofy Glyph Google Slides | Math Enrichment by Yvonne Crawford

Grades: 7-9

4 Fun 100th Day of School Activities for Math and Language Arts

Need resources for both math and language arts? These comprehensive 100th day activities and worksheets will build up your students’ skills in both of these important subject areas.

100 days of school activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade

100th Day Writing and Math Center Occupational Therapy Activities and Worksheets by CreativeCOTA LLC

Grades: PreK-1

Rainbow designed paquete bilingue / bilingual packet for 100 days of school / 100 dias de escuela

100th Day of School – Bilingual Bundle – Fun Activities + Bonus Set by Ready to Teach Bilinguals

Grades: PreK-3

Spanish 100 days of school writing and reading activity

100 días de Escuela Escritura y Matemáticas | 100th Days of School Spanish by Viva Bilinguals

Grades: K-3

100th day of school project - spaghetti tower - stem design challenge with close reading

100th Day of School STEM Activities Spaghetti Tower STEM Challenge by Tied to Teaching

Grades: 3-6

Worksheets for virtual and in-person learning on 100th day of school

100th Day of School Challenge by Rachel Lynette

Grades: 3-6

Did your students enjoy these math & ELA activities? There’s plenty more 100 days of school ideas on TPT.

This post was originally published in 2022 and has been updated for 2024.

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